White post farms Fall Farm Festival

White post farms Fall Farm Festival, a place to follow the tradition of fun. We proudly hosts one of the longest fall festivals of the year that lasts for six weeks. The farm has a lot to offer to make your family holiday overloaded with fun, drama and excitement.

First and foremost it is a pumpkin lover’s paradise. Even if you aren’t a pumpkin fan, the farm festival will surely turn you into one and the farm’s proud possession the pumpkin patch will surely provide you one that will steal your heart away. It is a delight to watch the children picking pumpkins.



Now for the other exciting possessions, the farm includes a variety of farm and exotic animals. Do not be surprised to find a bunch of birds sitting on your hand while you feed them. These beautiful birds that are let free in the aviary will gladly feed from your hands. The ponies are gracious enough to offer you a ride if you ask them. The farm has all that children might need to enjoy themselves. There is a large play area which is packed with bouncy rides and big slides for almost every age group will keep them occupied forever, if you let it. However, if they happen to want something new you could simply take them to the play with hay area. Children here toss hay in the air and dance, jump and clap under it as it showers hay. You could also visit the big barnyard game show that will help you learn with fun. The farm offers long hay rides which tour you through the cornfields. This could be really relaxing and fun to sing along. The farm also has the famous balloon bursting game where everyone can burst balloons and go kaboom. If not all this than the magic show, Kings of the Coast Pirates, Rodeo Ricky talent show is sure to impress you. Lastly the host of your tour buddy Flip is sure enough to make trip all the more enjoyable with his all time joking nature.

This fall come to white post farm and continue the New York tradition of fun and enjoyment.


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