Pumpkin Farm

the pumpkin farmVisit the Great Long Island Pumpkin Farm  – Getting Ready for Halloween

Summer can seem like it goes on forever, but eventually the season changes and the heat starts to fade.  Who doesn’t love the fall?  Fall is finally here and the leaves are starting to change to beautiful colors and the weather is finally starting to shed the heat of summer.  What fall also means is that Halloween is right around the corner. When Halloween comes, people usually do many things to prepare for it like finding the right costumes to wear and also shopping for that perfect pumpkin to carve. Do you want to get a pumpkin, but you aren’t sure where to go?  There is a great farm in Long Island that celebrates the change in the season, and here is more information about the Great Pumpkin Farm in Long Island.












Picking the perfect pumpkin: Who doesn’t love a pumpkin farm? One of the best parts about Halloween is carving a horrible face on a big pumpkin. Imagine going to a visit the Great Pumpkin Farm in Long Island trying to find the perfect pumpkin and seeing pumpkins of very shape and size scattered as far as the eye can see? Letting your kids pick their own pumpkin is a treat that every child looks forward to every year!

hayride at the farmWatch a performance of the smartest pigs in the world:  Did you know that pigs are as smart and obedient as dogs? Who knew that pigs could be so talented?  You and your family can watch a group of performing pigs that will amaze you and make you laugh at the same time!

See the wonderful world of magic:  When you pay your admission to get into the Great Pumpkin Farm, you really get your money’s worth! See a very talented magician that will perform tricks and put on a great show.

Time to climb aboard that tractor for a hayride:  Who doesn’t love a hayride?  You and your kids will love riding on the back of a trailer?   Hayrides are one of most popular attractions at the Great Pumpkin farm for both kids and adults.

Fall is finally here and there is no better way to celebrate its arrival than with a visit to a pumpkin Farm in Long Island. There are many great reasons to go to this long island pumpkin farm including picking your pumpkin to carve, seeing performing pigs, and enjoying a peaceful hayride. Celebrate the coming of the fall with wholesome family fun that will soon become your favorite fall tradition!


Come to visit the largest Long Island Pumpkin Farm 


Our Festival runs on the following dates:
Weekends and Columbus Day
October 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th

Admission Gates open 10AM – 4PM.    You may stay until 6PM


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