Come visit the largest Pumpkin Farm in Long Island, New York
Check out all we have to offer at the Fall Farm Festival
Pumpkin Farm

the pumpkin farmVisit the Great Long Island Pumpkin Farm  – Getting Ready for Halloween

Summer can seem like it goes on forever, but eventually the season changes and the heat starts to fade.  Who doesn’t love the fall?  Fall is finally here and the leaves are starting to change to beautiful colors and the weather is finally starting to shed the heat of summer.  What fall also means is that Halloween is right around the corner.

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Fall Farm Festival

fall farm festival The fall farm festival that is currently in the pumpkin farm Long Island has long been a tradition of many families in New York. This festival is religiously celebrated in the White Post Farms at Melville in Huntington in New York. It is regarded as the longest fall festival. This festival lasts for six weeks. The festival guarantees great fun and a variety of things to do like shows, parks, animal farm, bouncers and so much more. The place is known as one of the best places

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Animal Farm

white post animal farmWhite post farm is famous for various reasons but the Long Island Animal Farm has been the cherry on the cake. The animal farm has the friendliest animal petting zoo. You will not have to venture far if you are in the mood for a family outing in Long Island. The location of the farm is in the center of the pumpkin farm in Long Island and we always have free parking, just another reason to visit white post farms. but check out the animal farm

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