White post farm pumpkin picking

White post farm’s pumpkin picking: come and celebrate your holiday

White post farms are that magical farms where you spend the whole day without having to care about
anything. It’s a place where you can rekindle your childhood memories and help your children make
some new and special ones. The farm will let you be a child again and enjoy yourself. The farm has a lot
to offer. Come and visit white post farm and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

The moment you enter the farm you will notice a huge scarecrow that looks very sweet and friendly
welcoming you to the festival with his arms open wide, other signboards would be indicating play areas,
live shows, guest appearances etc. Along with all this you will also notice the most sincere pumpkin
picking patch on the all of long island. This patch is always full of big bright orange pumpkins sitting
there and waiting patiently enough for you to come and pick them and take them with you. Next on the
list are the pigs that will amaze you with their smartness by showing some tricks, jumping over hurdles
and evening singing. What make these walking bags of bacons all the more appealing is the trendy
shaded they use along with cool hats. The Rodeo Ricky talent hunt show makes the children participate
in the show and help Ricky find his talent and who knows you might discover yours as well. Next you can
attend the special appearance of the kings of the coast pirates. They will surely take you on a mysterious
ride packed with surprises, suspense and fun. You can visit the bouncer park that is full of bouncy
rides and slippery slides. Children can vile away the whole day bouncing and slipping. You could let the
children play in the hay area where the children make it shower hay. It is a real delight to watch and
dance as the hay descends. Their smiling faces will leave an imprint on your mind forever. You can also
enjoy the sing along hay rides.

You could also visit the petting zoos where the animals are so loving and friendly. The aviary holds a lot
of birds with myriad colors that will blow your mind. You can also feed these friendly animals with your
own hands. You are free to enjoy pony rides all through the farm. And if you still got time after all this
help your children paint the pumpkins and also get fancy tattoos painted all over you to take back as
souvenirs. Hope to see you there.

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